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Kidex Ltd are a family owned business based in Hampshire, England. We are a "multi platform" company and one division of the business specialises in car safety for children.

Our child car seat team are all IOSH accredited fitters and we boast more fitters to this standard than ANY other UK independent retailer. At the time of writing there are 14 IOSH accredited fitters in the south east of England and 5 are associated to Kidex. 

We have worked for some of the biggest names in the country (contractual conditions do not allow us to name them) and our staff have appeared on TV several times.

We regularly work alongside Road Safey Officers from local Councils & Authorities. Every year we work with Portsmouth City Council at their Car Seat Safety check days (May to October) and Steve Richards (one of our Directors) has worked for three car seat companies over a 30 year career spanning pretty much every aspect of car seat safety from the inital idea to the finished product.

Steve was lead speaker at the International Consumer & Research Testing (ICRT) International Child Car Seat Conference (CRT) in 2009. ICRT have about 35 global members including the Magazine Which?  http://www.international-testing.org/

We undertake consultancy work for a wide variety of companies, manufacturers and organisations and several of our ideas have gone on to be adopted by car seat manufacturers or safety organisations.

In relation to Oxygen Desaturation (O.D.) issues we have medical research reports backing up to 1995. It is Kidex company policy that our advice in relation to O.D. is free to ALL car seat manufacturers, retailers and organisations. We do not seek payment or profit from this important issue.

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